Principal's Corner

Pinnacle Academy High School is dedicated to fostering alternative high school students with the opportunity to succeed in a supportive, yet challenging, educational environment that meets the individual needs of every child. With smaller class sizes, our instructors are better able to identify the learning needs of students and effectively develop personalized strategies for success. With the integration of in-person and online learning, students are able to effectively meet the goals of their Individualized Program Plan. In order to complete the social emotional interventions, students are encouraged to participate in individual and group counseling. The school Social Worker and Professional School Counselor are vital to ensuring that students meet their social emotional and academic goals with flexible class scheduling. Students are able to utilize time management to stay on track with graduation requirements. In addition, we also support our bilingual student population through our English as A Second Language Program.

Dr. Deitria Smith-Snead is the Principal of the Pinnacle Academy High School. She has twenty-five plus years' experience as an effective educator. Dr. Smith-Snead has led an alternative school in the past where the graduation rate and attendance increased therefore, she has created an Attendance Team to ensure the same outcome. She and her team of teachers have created an environment where all students feel welcomed and affirmed. Dr. Smith-Snead has also created a Student Culture and Climate Committee where students are given the opportunity to voice their suggestions and concerns.